About the company

VO-media Production was started in 2008 as a team of 2 people. At first we only shot and edited video, but globalization and advances in information and communications technology spurredourdevelopment.We have expanded, capturing video content markets and occupying new niches. We have advanced in our profession.

Now VO-media Production is a successful project, a team which can accomplish different level tasks from a simple commercial to a complex corporate film with 3D graphics and animation.

We are the leaders in this segment of Ukrainian regional market primarily due to an individual approach to each order, originality and responsibility in creating final media products.

In VO-media Production we are not looking back, for us every order is a great occasiontoexperiment and, as a rule, every new commercial is better than the previous one.This is as it should be, since our ambition is to become motion graphics leaders in the European region during the next five years and, in the long run, in the world.